Music for sleep, focus & relaxation

The Sound Reserve exists because both music and nature have the power to improve lives all around the world.

Music affects our brains consciously and subconsciously every day. It can be used to influence our choices at a restaurant, and can even change our shopping habits. The soundtrack of a film is crucial in helping audiences to fully immerse themselves in the story.

If music can be used for entertainment purposes, it can also be used therapeutically. The Sound Reserve believes that it’s not just films that should benefit from soundtracks. People should be soundtracking their daily lives. Music doesn’t just have to help listeners through the hard times, but through the busy times, and through the mundane times.

It’s simple. The more you listen, the more we learn. We’ll continue to bring you incredible sounds of nature and amazing music based on your listening habits. If you have any suggestions for our catalogue, let us know. Your feedback, along with our expertise in the field of music and its applications, will enable us to improve lives globally.

our mission

We think that people have enough subscriptions already, so music fans can access our entire catalogue using their existing subscriptions at no additional cost. We’ve worked with talented composers and sound recordists to provide incredible listening experiences to help with sleep, focus and overall wellbeing. Our original music is recorded at Abbey Road Studios and includes relaxing piano, chill guitar, and lo-fi beats. 

We’ve also captured nature sounds from around the world, including birdsong from England, rainfall from the South American jungle, and ocean waves from the Antarctic. All these recordings are authentic moments captured in time, brought to you as they happened, so that you can be transported while you listen.

We want to help regenerate natural ecosystems all over the world, so we’ve partnered with Iracambi, a South American charity who plant trees in the Atlantic Forest. Over two thousand trees have already been planted through this initiative and we’ll continue to support their amazing work and provide updates on their upcoming projects.

Music for sleep, focus & relaxation

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Music for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation
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